Hello, I am a PhD student in Computer Engineering at the University of Pavia, my name is Giuseppe Nebbione, my friends call me nebbia, but online for reasons of brevity you can find me on IRC and other services under the short name of gnc. My research interests are mainly in the fields of Machine Learning and Cybersecurity.

I currently work at the Performance Evaluation Lab @ University of Pavia (Italy)

You can also find me by:

  • email: giuseppe [dot] nebbione01 at universitadipavia [dot] it
  • IRC: mainly on Freenode, generally on

    • ##security
    • ##statistics
    • ##machinelearning
    • #python
    • #gentoo-chat
    • #gattorete

I want to thank all the people I got inspiration from to collect and write this material in particular I want to thank:

  • Stefano Gasparini: he really gave me the curiosity I have and the passion for understanding how electronic things work
  • The UCC Computer Club, whose members motivated and still motivate me to do what I do, and help me with their kindness
  • Ciro Santilli: (although I did not meet him physically), I really liked his website and his way of documenting stuff, and my style was inspired by him

    Ciro Santilli Personal Webpage

    Ciro Santilli Github Page