This is a collection of very good (from my point of view) material to start or get better in different computer security areas.

I did this because although Internet is an amazing thing where you can find tons of material, we have to admit that sometimes

it can be very difficult to tell apart good resources from bad ones.

Most of the material is listed in order of proficiency (or difficulty) in a specific subject, so the first is generally the recommended starting point.


  • Basic Knowledge of *NIX Systems and Windows
  • Basic programming skills
  • Basic Knowledge about Computer Networks


Theoritical Foundations

  • The Basics of Information Security 2nd Edition by Jason Andres
  • Information Security 2nd Edition by Mark Stamp

Web Application Penetration Testing

  • The Web Application Hacker's Handbook 2nd Edition by Stuttard and Pinto
  • Mastering Modern Web Penetration Testing by Prakhad Prasar

Network Penetration Testing

  • Network Security Assessment 3rd Editioan by Chris McNab
  • The Hacker Playbook 3rd Edition by Kim

Binary Exploitation

  • The Art of Hacking 2nd Edition by Ericksson
  • Gray Hat Hacking 5th Edition by Regalado et al.
  • The Shellcoder's Handbook 2nd Edition
  • Practical Binary Analysis

Malware Analysis

  • Practical Malware Analysis
  • The Malware Analyst's Cookbook
  • Reversing: The Secrets of Reverse Engineering

Good Programming Books

  • C for 21st Century
  • The Art of Assembly
  • Learning Perl, Intermediate Perl and Mastering Perl by Schwartz et Al.

Network Traffic Analysis

  • Practical Packet Analysis 3rd Edition by Sanders


  • Operating Systems by Tanenbaum
  • Computer Networks by Tanenbaum
  • Advanced Programming in the UNIX environment by Richard Stevens